Food safety: it's all about the temperature

Supplier: ECEFast
12 August, 2014

ECEFast has been directly involved in the provision of food safety instruments for more than 30 years.

We were instrumental in introducing infrared (non-contact) temperature measurement and complete KITS combining contact, infrared and cross check devices in the Australian food safety market.

With major brands such as Cooper Atkins, Fluke and Comark, we are a key supplier in the fast food industry and food retail.

The latest products incorporate intelligent programmability and automatic data acquisition and alarming by SMS or email. Centralised or "cloud" data storage is accessed on the internet on any computer or smart device with a web browser.

Some typical food safety products include:

  • Industry-leading Temperature Measurement Kits
  • Hand Held Infrared and combined Infrared / Contact thermometers
  • Hand Held Thermometers / Food Probes and pocket thermometers
  • Wireless WiFi, and fixed environmental monitoring systems
  • Temperature and Humidity, transport-style data loggers
  • Remote 3G-based data and alarm monitoring

We have a NATA-accredited calibration laboratory for certifying temperature and humidity systems and instrument repair workshop and engineering services from our Technical Centre.