Food Hygiene is Not to Be Sneezed at!

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
12 March, 2020

The recent outbreak of Corona Virus (COViD_19) in China and its spread throughout the globe has highlighted the importance of hygiene, especially in the handling and display of food.

While frequently washing your hands with soap & water and cleansing hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer are essential measures; the protection of food displayed in shops, restaurants and markets require Sneeze Guards that provide a physical, protective barrier against the transfer of bacteria from coughs, sneezes, human contact and insects.

Allplastics can provide customized Sneeze Guard fabrications to food merchants in any area of the industry for example: fish mongers, confectionery displays, butchers, bakers, cafes and restaurants... to name a few.

We can supply clear, tinted or frosted finish acrylic displays, Sneeze Guards, barriers or cylinders to suit your requirements.
In addition, we can cut and supply custom made coloured food grade HDPE cutting boards to segregate fish, meat, poultry and vegetables.