There is a common perception that custom equipment built to suit the needs of a site can be exponentially more expensive than an off the shelf option.

APC Technology can offer a range of standard off the shelf solutions which can then be customised to suit the end users requirements.

FT Panel PC Made to Save Time and Money

APC Technology recently worked with an existing customer to design and manufacture an updated panel PC. The brief was to design a unit that was easily accessible, modular in design, could be maintained by an IT technician without the need for an electrician and accommodate future upgrades. One of the key issues had been the need to get a qualified electrician on site because of exposed power supplies. The design enables the front of the stainless steel enclosure to be opened and the equipment inside can be isolated via the internal power supply sockets inside, providing easy access.

Factory environments also face the challenge of upgrading technologies without disturbing production. The internal layout of this custom panel PC incorporates a gear plate design providing a quick swap out option and enabling the long term sustainment of the unit. This design allows for the existing plate to be updated with new components through the modular design or in the future a new one manufactured and sent to site. The onsite maintenance team can then simply unscrew the current plate and install an update in one quick step.

Additional hardware elements already integral to processes within the plant also needed to be taken into consideration during the design phase. The customer required an RFID reader to be integrated under the tray of each unit which were already in use on site. They also needed the option to connect scales and a barcode reader, dependent on the location of the system. APC Technology ensured the design allowed easy connective through a range of options including USB and RJ45. The integration of the ROXTEC gland ensured an IP65 rating.


  • 21” touchscreen stainless steel panel PC with in built keyboard tray
  • IP65 rated
  • Chemically resistant
  • Range of connectors
  • Ability to integrate third party products
  • Internal power supply
  • Clip in/clip out display