Fire Safe Ball Valves Series BLSF for maximum safety

Supplier: Process Systems
20 August, 2014

If a catastrophic event were to happen you want to be able to rely on your equipment to perform, that is where our Fire Safe Ball Valve comes into action.

Designed to function under extreme heat as per the American Petroleum Institute code ANSI/API 607 Sixth Edition.

Process Systems series BLSF Fire Safe Ball Valves are manufactured to the highest standard and competitively priced. Operation can be manual lever or gear box, pneumatic double acting or spring closed, electric ON/OFF or electric Spring Closed. Available in CF8M or WCB body material these valves are flanged ANSI 150/ANSI 300 and suitable for a wide range of industrial and environmental applications.

Certification: Process Systems Fire Safe Ball Valves are manufactured to the ANSI/API 607 Sixth Edition and available with ANSI 150 or ANSI 300 flanges. Dimensions ASME B16.1. Design API 6D.                                                                                                

Body Construction: The Fire Safe Ball Valve is manufactured in CR8M (316 stainless steel) or WCM (black cast steel). Available in sizes from 15mm to 100mm the BLSF has Dual Pattern ISO 5211 mounting pad with Square Shaft.  Standard with lever operation the valve can quickly have a pneumatic or electric actuator fixed. No bracket and adaptor are required for actuator mounting.                                                                  

Ball: Floating ball design provides pressure assisted sealing and temperature/wear compensation. Precision machined, mirror finished ball for bubble tight shutoff with less operating torque and temperature compensation.                                                                                                                         

Seats: PTFE and Graphite. Multiple layers of Chevron shaped stem seals have two preloaded Belleville washers which automatically adjust for wear, pressure and temperature fluctuations. A Viton (FKM) O-ring on the valve stem enhances stem seal and stem alignment to give long service. 

Blow-out proof stem: For maximum safety.                                                                                             

Anti-static Device: Spring loaded stem-to-ball and stem-to-body device as standard.