Finding the right lifting magnet

Supplier: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics By: Ian Heard
01 September, 2010

Horses for courses when considering lifting magnets

Selection of the correct lifting magnet for various steel lifting duties depends on a number of factors. These factors include –

  • Length, breadth and thickness of plate, sheet, tube etc
  • Calculated weight
  • Surface condition
  • Type of steel
  • Whether permanent, electro or electro-permanent lifting magnets best suit the duty
  • Whether included weight of the lifting magnet imposes limits

Serpent and Dove since 1984 has specialised in magnets and magnetic technologies as they apply to lifting, magnetic separation, magnetic cleaning. A particluar specialty, in keeping with the motto 'Finding ways with Magnets' is the correct application of lifting magnets to a wide variety of steel lifting challenges.

Each type of lifting magnet has its own distinctives, advantages and preferred applications. For example, permanent on/off lifters excel for smaller duties up to about 2 tonnes on plate, bar and block where a good, clean, flat lifting surface of a minimum thickness is available. A distinct advantage of permanent magnetic lifters is that no electric power is required and they also offer a small footprint and are light weight for capacity. A limitation for permanent lifting magnets is that they are less suitable for thin steels.

With that in mind Serpent and Dove has developed a Low Profile Lifting Magnet which is not only lightweight and shallow but is capable of lifting steel sheets as thin as 0.5 mm. Similar magnets are used on Serpent and Dove’s patented Mag-Frame which is designed specifically for lifting and transporting large, thin steel sheet.

For large, heavy lifting of thick steel plate, the Tecnomagnete range of Tecnolift permanent-electro technology lifting magnets have the advantage of very low power requirements for very high lifting capacities (up to 30 tonnes or more). Permanent-electros only use power on the energise and de-energise cycle, as the actual lifting is done by high power permanent magnetic elements. This technology keeps the magnet weight low – an important factor when calculating crane capacity with magnet weight included – and, eliminates the need for battery back-up systems. Some permanent-electro systems feature telescopic beams to adjust to different size plates and all include the unique 'Dautanac' system that prevents dicharge before the load is at rest.
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Complementing all of the above, Serpent and Dove also has an extensive range of small electromagnets for use singly or in multiples for a host of important duties involving clamping, lifting, holding and securing. As some steel lifting applications require a deep magnetic field and some a shallow and focussed field and some are more suitable for permanent lifting magnets and still others for electro lifting magnets, Serpent and Dove has the know-how and the range to advise the best options and to live up to its motto, 'Finding ways with Magnets'.