Filling machine proves its worth with thick pastes

The move by Melbourne based food company, NSM Food Wholesalers, into the manufacturing of food pastes brought on a need for a filling machine.

This new machine had to be capable of drawing pastes from a bulk container and then transferring measured quantities into retail size packs.“It is not a simple process to find the right machine and carry out the task of filling retail containers with thick pastes,” said Omar Sidaoui of NSM.

“Our need started as a result of some dissatisfaction with the Tahine (sesame) paste we were importing. To achieve the high quality standard we set for ourselves, we decided to manufacture our own paste. Having bought our own grinders and processors we then needed a filler to handle both bulk packs and retail size containers. Reliability and accuracy were the basic requirements.”

NSM decided to trial a single head filler from Flex Pack. “We had a good look at their plant and what tipped the balance in their favour was the personal service. If we had a query in the early stages we could ring them and get straight through to the person who understood exactly what the issues were … and, if necessary, he would be out to our plant in an hour or two,” explained Omar.

The Flex Pack unit is a single head filler with batch controls based on a weigh scale indicator with a touch-pad interface. “We can set up the filler to handle containers within a range of 0.5 to 10 litres. It processes up to 10 x 0.5 litre containers per minute with a batch accuracy within the specified 10 grams, which is better than we originally expected. But, in reality typical batch accuracy is within a range of plus or minus five grams“, concluded Omar.

NSM have been sufficiently impressed by the Flex Pack filler that they intended purchasing a second machine. The installation has also become a reference point for others considering the purchase of filling unit for processing thick not-so-easy to use pastes such as sesame paste.

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