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Ferrite magnets

Supplier: AMF Magnetics
22 May, 2013

Ferrite magnets, also known as Ceramic, have the strongest magnetic field of all magnets and a good resistance to corrosion.

Despite being a rather brittle, Ferrites are used in a variety of applications ranging from DC motors, water conditioning, speakers and reed switches, to crafts and magnetic therapies.

Product information

  • Produced by the powder metallurgical method
  • Chemical composition of Ba/Sr O.6 Fe2O3
  • Relatively brittle and hard
  • Good resistance to demagnetisation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Raw material is readily available and low in cost
  • Good temperature stability
  • Most widely used permanent magnets

Ferrite magnets - cylinders

Ferrite cylinders are widely used in speakers for home and car audio systems as they suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits.

Ferrite magnets - rings

Ferrite ring magnets are often used in loudspeakers and also in resonance imaging and torque drives. One popular application for children is the fishing game, tied on a piece of string to pick up pins and needles.

Ferrite magnets - discs

Ferrite disc magnets come in a variety of sizes, as a low cost magnetic material they are to be found across a broad range of magnetic therapeutic uses, on the back of three dimensional fridge magnets and in school science projects.

Ferrite magnets - block

Large blocks of Ferrite magnet are often used in sweeping and separation applications. Smaller Ferrite blocks are commonly used in DC motors, as sensors and in various hand crafts.

Ferrite magnets - pots

Ferrite pot magnets have a mild steel casing over a Ferrite ring magnet with a round central hole for fixing a bolt, rivet or screw, through for attaching to non-magnetic surfaces.