Erina Men’s Shed installs their own Ezi-Duct Dust Collection system

The members of Erina Community Men’s Shed recently finished installing an Ezi-Duct dust collection system for their dust collection needs in their new wood working shed.

It was a great feat of teamwork as they laid down the concrete slab, moved the dust collector from the truck to the location, and installed the ducting themselves. For these skilled men, it’s just another project to work on.

The Dust Collector that was installed was the Ezi-Duct Econo 6000C 7.5kW self-cleaning unit. All waste is deposited directly into a 240L wheelie bin making it easier to dispose of the dust. The cyclonic design helps minimise the amount of dust that goes into the filter bags, giving the unit much greater performance than other dust collectors. The eCono 6000C was installed outdoors and is fabricated from corrosion resistant galvanised steel to withstand Australia’s weather.


Ezi-Duct also supplied the Australian Made modular ducting, which provides the best airflow on the market with a smooth bore and pressed smooth bore bends. As Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting simply clamps together it also cuts down installation time. Another benefit is if the shed changes layout or moves the Ezi-Duct Modular Ducting can be easily pulled down and reconfigured again.

The finished dust collection system will be connected to a variety of machines, including sanders, docking saws, bandsaws, lathes and routers.

If you want to see more of the great work that is being done at Erina Community Men’s Shed, head to their Facebook page here: