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Ergomotion specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the motiondesk, an electric height adjustable desk. There are a large range of models available to cater for specific needs and requirements. The desk frames are adjustable in length catering for the most popular desk shapes and sizes on the market. Custom frames can also be made for special desks. The motiondesk can also have a memory option allowing the user to set their preferred heights for sitting and standing.

The motiondesk is a height adjustable desk that facilitates adjustment from a sitting to a standing position at the touch of a button. The height adjustment is quick, easy and most importantly, effortless. Having an electric adjustable sit-to-stand desk creates a healthier and productive work environment. The use of the motiondesk- electric height adjustable desk also has the following benefits:-

-Caters for all people of different shapes and sizes
-Reduces the OH&S risks associated with sitting and static posture for prolonged periods of time
-Allows the desk height to adjust to the user and not vice versa
-Increases employee morale
-Maintains a healthier, more productive work environment
-A reduction in initial and ongoing costs associated with RSI injuries
-Allows a proactive approach to injury prevention
-Ideal for multi-user and multi-taksing ergonomic desks

Ergomotion also supplies the following accessories for their electric height adjustable desks:-
-Adjustable CPU holder to house the computer under desk and off the floor.
-Cable tray to tidy all the cables under the desk and remove them from the floor.

The CPU holder and cable tray reduce the risk of tripping and falling by removing the hazards of computers and cables on the floor.

Ergonomic office chairs, monitor arms and footrests can also be supplied to complement the electric height adjustable desk.

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Ergomotion is one of the only companies in Australia that specialise in electric height adjustable only. We have found that this type of desk is the only option that allows the three most important features of a height adjustable desk - a large range of movement, quick, easy adjustment. We have developed special desks for our customer based on their specific needs. We do work with some of the large banks, government agencies and well as large multi-national and international companies. We have designed control room electric height adjustable desks, educational electric height adjustable desks, imaging electric height adjustable desks and many other specialised desks for our customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceed our customer expectations as well as our commitment to quality products.

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