Electric height adjustable desks for engineers, draftsman, designers

Supplier: Ergomotion
18 September, 2013

Our ergonomic height adjustable electric desks are suited to engineers, architects and designers.

With large surface areas and the ability to adjust the desk from a sitting to a standing position at the push of a button you can work more comfortably while reducing RSI.

The motiondesk is a height-adjustable desk that facilitates adjustment from a sitting to a standing position at the touch of a button. The height adjustment is quick, easy and effortless. Having an electric adjustable sit-to-stand desk creates a healthier and productive work environment.


  • Caters for all people of different shapes and sizes 
  • Reduces the OH&S risks associated with sitting and static posture for prolonged periods of time 
  • Allows the desk height to adjust to the user and not vice versa
  • Increases employee morale 
  • Maintains a healthier, more productive work environment 
  • A reduction in initial and ongoing costs associated with RSI injuries 
  • Allows a proactive approach to injury prevention 
  • Ideal for multi-user and multi-tasking ergonomic desks 
  • desk frames are adjustable in length catering for the most popular desk shapes and sizes

Best-suited desks

A range of accessories are available

  • Adjustable CPU holder to house the computer under desk and off the floor.
  • Cable tray to tidy all the cables under the desk and remove them from the floor. No more tripping over cables.
  • Memory option allowing the user to set their preferred heights for sitting and standing.

Motion Desk Suites

  • Draftsman, builders and architects
  • Commercial and domestic use
  • Industrial environments

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