Education profile - Queensland

Supplier: Bushmans Tanks
28 October, 2011

Below are details of the work Bushmans Tanks have completed in the Education field.



What is Stored:

Water collected from the school buildings. 

Description of Customer Operations:

Jinibara State School, Narangbah, Sunshine Coast recently erected a 5000m2 roof area over their sporting facility. This provided the opportunity to capture rainwater and utilise for the irrigation of the school sports fields. 

Description of Tank Application:

7 x 46,400 litre rainwater polyethylene tanks were installed alongside the sports facility, giving a total storage capacity of 324,800 litres.

Sizes, Type of Tank and Fittings:

46,400 litre rainwater tanks using standard 50mm brass fittings.

Benefits of Bushmans Tank:

These tanks provide a sustainable and cost effective way to provide water for the schools sports fields. The use of mains water is often limited by water restrictions.