Economical bag palletising solutions

Supplier: Haden & Custance Ltd By: Rod Gale
11 February, 2010

Haden and Custance have been providing palletising solutions for many years with both mechanical and robotic systems widely used.

Haden and Custance robot palletiser systems can vary from simplistic designs to multi station fully automated installations. H&C are a virtual one stop shop when it comes to design, manufacturing and automation of the complete system including integration into the client's existing equipment.

H&C are an ABB Partner and therefore have access to premier robot technology and nationwide servicing availability. The system shown will palletise up to 6 x 25 kg bags per minute.

With further upgrading such as automatic pallet movement, rates of up to 10 bags per minute are achievable. Many previous installations exist throughout major Powder plants within Australia, a sure sign our systems are dependable and built for longevity.