Dust-free solutions for loading open trucks and tankers

The WAM GROUP has a comprehensive range of loading bellows which are designed for the efficient, dust-controlled loading of dry dusty bulk solids materials into containers, varying from open trucks, tankers, rail wagons, stock piles up to large cargo ships.

Providing flow rates up to 850 m3/h, WAM is able to design and provide loading bellows suitable for all applications from abrasive dusty materials to Atex required.

At the lower end a special dust skirt can be provided for settling on the product in ship holds, stock piles and open trucks to minimise dust in the atmosphere.

In addition the loading bellows can be optioned with a spigot on the header which can be connected on site to an external de-dusting filter.

With flexibility in mind the Torex loading bellows can be provided with single bellows, double bellows or single bellows, with internal steel cones to meet the requirements for the most abrasive materials.

A flexible chute in Neoprene covered by Hypalon makes the bellow weatherproof, highly abrasion-  and temperature-resistant and durable. Optionally the bellows can be provided in Kevlar and food-grade standards.

All of the range are available with capacitance, (optional twin type) rotary or vibrating level indicator at the outlets. Twin lifting cables outside the material flow raise and lower the loading bellow without cable wear due to material friction and obstruction to the material flow.

Designed specifically for tanker applications the ZG loading bellows has a polymer-coated SINT cone with special sealing properties.

A reverse cone with inside level indicator indicates when the tanker is full, raises the loading bellow gradually, and improves material distribution inside the tanker.

All the units can be operated from fixed control panels and optional remote control pendants. Where back and front movement of the bellows is required an optional TR loading bellows positioner is available allowing up to two metres of travel.

Torex loading bellows are a market-leading solution currently used in industries worldwide where dust-free movement of powder and granular materials is required.