Dust control in mining applications

Supplier: IB International
17 July, 2013

The Katestone Report provides best practices for dust control in mining applications.

The report covers dust control in applications such as: haul roads, wind erosion, coal stockpiles, bulldozing, blasting and drilling, draglines, loading and dumping overburden, loading and dumping ROM coal, conveyors and transfers and stacking and reclaiming product coal.

Getting the right equipment for the job at hand means setting objectives that fit that job, and doing it at the right price.

Ian Baines, director of IB International has been involved in irrigation in Australia for nearly 30 years. IB International's policy of best brands best support means that IB International have the wherewithal to assist Project Managers with this important area in their portfolio. Ask us today about your requirements for Dust Control.

The water canons offered by IB International as the best solutions address the specific requirements of the job.

  • Do you need high evaporation over distance?
  • Do you need even cover for dust controlling stockpiles?
  • Do you need canons for water trucks?

IB International is the largest importer of the Sime Gear Drive and Impact canons range in Australia. With expertise spanning more than 30 years in Australia we are able to provide you with the best solution every time. Technical information including pressures and performances are readily available on this website on product pages. We are also happy to discuss your needs over a phone call. IB International is a trusted name in dust control to the mining industry. For revegetation, dust control, open areas and blasting areas we have mobile and fixed canons available to suit all your requirements.

Haul roads

Due to the large range of Sime Water Canons available canons can be mounted along the side of the road or mounted on water trucks.

Wind erosion

"One of the most effective control measures for exposed areas is the revegetation of exposed soil or the rehabilitation of land once mining is complete" (Katestone Report pp171) The expertise at IB International in irrigation in Australia spans over 30 years. Our product line reflects the best practice solutions including world renowned Ocmis poly reels, Sime water canons and Dallai fittings. Talk to us today about your project. 

Coal stock piles

Innovative designs continue to respond to the growing number of challenges engineers face in mining. IB International works hard to ensure the best products are available to our customers. The Sime "Climber" and "Vari Angle Kronos" are two solutions. Gear drive canons provide even sprays that often suit coal stacks in dust control and fire prevention applications. Talk to us about performances required on your project. 


Particulate matter emissions also pose a challenge on sites. Keeping the materials moist is a popular solution in many open cut mines. 

Blast and drilling

Watering while drilling is a popular and effective measure for dust control. Ensuring the flow of the water is relative to the success of the application. 


Emissions of particulate matter can arise if material is dropped from the bucket. A number of solutions present themselves to address this. Applying water in the right manner can represent a solution to some challenges around draglines.

Loading and dumping overburden

"At truck and shovel mines, excavators or power shovels are used to excavate blasted overburden in the pit. The overburden is dumped into large haul trucks and transported to the waste ...dumped or is dumped back into the pit" (Katestone Report pp184) Water sprays provide a solution to challenges in this area.

Loading and dumping ROM coal

"Enclosure and application of water is the principal control measure used to control emissions of particulate matter from ROM bins. Water may also be applied at the ROM pad to minimise dumping emissions." (Katestone Report pp187)

Conveyors and transfers

IB International Sime Skipper Washdown Canon provides a focused approach to addressing challenges in this area of mine sites.

Stacking and reclaiming product coal

Moisture management provides key options in this area, especially for small prevalent particles.

Dust Suppression – Gear Drive Option

Most people are familiar with Impact Canons for Dust Suppression applications. Some excellent canons are used widely in Mines throughout Australia. Mines are also showing great results with Gear Drive Water Canons.

The immediate benefit of a Gear Drive Water Canon is of course the even spread of moisture. And when the spread is even the dampness sets in with great stability, and consequently lasts longer.

Gear Drive Water Canons can be fitted to the back of water trucks, or mounted strategically. Like the Impact Canons, Gear Drives are also available in Vari-angle configurations to allow controlled dust suppression for air borne or stock pile challenges.

  • Varied speed control is also an option to allow for water usage control.
  • Like their counterparts, performances for gear drive options vary and should be made available to Engineers and Site Managers to confirm the best canon for the application.
  • For dust and fire prevention the Gear Drive Water Canons provide an excellent solution.

In addition to water application IB International can greatly assist mine managers with revegetation projects equipment.

IB International Mining are happy to invite engineers and site supervisors to contact them for further information on the best gear drive water canon options available. 


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