DURON™-E 15W-40
DURON™-E 15W-40

Tom McClary, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Equipment Savers Fleet Services states that, "DURON™-E 15W-40 is the perfect oil for us because it applies to all of our applications."

When a car breaks down or is in need of service it's up to the owner to find a way to get it to their mechanic so that it can get fixed. Imagine if roles were reversed and the mechanic came to the customer to perform the repairs or maintenance. Well, in Colorado there's a company that does just that - except that they're not servicing cars, instead they're servicing heavy duty trucks and construction machinery. 
Founded in 1987, Equipment Savers Fleet Services specializes in mobile fleet maintenance, offering on-site fuelling, oiling, inspections, preventative maintenance and repairs. 
They are a division of Siegel Oil - a leading supplier of petroleum and chemical products to the Colorado region. Thanks to the services that Equipment Savers provides, customers are able to focus on their own projects, as opposed to having to worry about service intervals, downtime and performing preventative maintenance. Their name says it all; they save equipment and put maintenance minds at ease. 
A Fleet That Services Other Fleets Equipment Savers practises what they preach. They service and maintain their own fleet with the same lubricants that they use in their customers' equipment because they too want to benefit from the same performance benefits. They are, after all, a mobile maintenance company and their fleet must be able to answer the call of duty whenever and wherever. 
The Need For Lubricant Solutions The time had come to find a new lubricants supplier. 
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tom McClary, and his team evaluated market trends and budgets, and most importantly listened to what customers wanted and needed. Above all, customers were asking for lubricant solutions that could help increase operational efficiencies. McClary knew of a lubricants provider that was known for its ability to provide tangible savings solutions. 
That company was Petro-Canada. "We heard good things about Petro-Canada," says McClary. 
"We felt that they were always on the cutting edge of lubrication innovation and advancements and that their product offering was second to none. In the end, after all of our research, the decision was easy - it was time to switch to Petro-Canada." 
The switch was fully integrated - Siegel Oil started distributing Petro-Canada lubricants and Equipment Savers started servicing equipment with Petro-Canada lubricants. Heavy Duty Engine Oil With category upgrades and requirements having been announced both Equipment Savers and their customers were in need of premium API CJ-4 heavy duty engine oil that minimizes engine wear and provides enhanced soot dispersion. 
Thankfully Petro-Canada had launched its DURON-E heavy duty engine oil brand - a specially formulated product line that not only meets CJ-4 requirements and is suitable for use in '07 EPA compliant low emission engines, but also fulfils Equipment Savers' needs for soot dispersion and engine protection. 
All Makes & Models "Our customers' fleets are made up of a wide array of equipment, including Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, John Deere and Caterpillar," says McClary. 
"In addition, our fleet is made up of 30 trucks and various engine types, including Cummins and Detroit Diesel. So we really do service all makes and models. Over the course of a week we may service an engine as old as 1985 or as new as 2009. DURON-E 15W-40 is the perfect oil for us because it applies to all of our applications." 
DURON-E multigrade engine oils are premium heavy duty engine oils that are suitable for use in '07 EPA compliant low emission engines. They're also back-serviceable and carry the API CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 licenses required by pre-'07 diesel engines.
The HT Process DURON-E 15W-40 is free of most of the impurities found in conventional oils. It all starts with the HT purity process, which produces 99.9 per cent pure base oils. By removing impurities that can hinder conventional oil performance, DURON-E retains its "fresh oil" properties longer.