DT80 Test confirms additive fuel saving in new diesel vehicle

Cost Effective Maintenance have been providing fuel efficiency improvements for transport and mining operations for over 30 years. During this time, Brid Walker, Company Director, always strives to keep up to date on testing procedures available.

We have recently completed some performance testing using our products in a new Isuzu DMax ute, at Brisbane City Council Emissions Testing Centre. We’re pretty happy with the results which show fuel efficiency improvements in the DT80 Test, which simulates real life driving for diesel powered equipment. 

Most recently we were granted access to a government testing facility that specialises in vehicle testing.

The DT80 Test is performed under dynamic conditions, designed to reflect real world operating conditions. Most conventional testing uses controlled steady state operating conditions.

The DT80 Test

  • Is performed on a purpose built, calibrated and certified chassis dynamometer
  • Is loaded compensated to simulate a 50% maximum payload
  • Involves two bursts of maximum acceleration to 80kph, followed by braking to idle speed
  • A third burst to 80kph, followed by a 60 second cruise at 80kph
  • Provides accurate fuel consumption measurements

The Brisbane City Council operate an independent, federal government approved Emissions Testing Centre for the “DT80 Test” procedure.

Test vehicle: Isuzu DMax 2017 Model, 3 Ltr Common Rail Diesel

This vehicle was used on two separate occasions. Test one being the vehicle in standard new vehicle condition. The second test was completed using Cost Effective Maintenance products.

Government approved testing confirms improved fuel efficiency

The DT80 Test confirmed several positive results.

  • improved fuel efficiency under acceleration
  • improved fuel efficiency under cruise mode (7.8% saving)
  • Overall improved fuel efficiency (4.7% saving)

These results were directly achieved by using Cost Effective Maintenance’s Diesel Performance Pack, which contains FTC Decarbonizer, CRD Fuel Enhancer and AW10 Antiwear.

Today, there are not many opportunities to improve fuel efficiency in new vehicles and equipment. But by catalyzing combustion, optimizing injector response and reducing friction throughout the engine and drive-line, we have demonstrated measurable improvements in real life stop start conditions.  

Cost Effective Maintenance have over 30 years experience with large scale mining operations, and cater for bulk supply to large industrial users.

When using Cost Effective Maintenance products, not only do you get the great protection and much longer life, which they’re famous for, but your vehicles will use less fuel and have more power! Now proven, even in brand new vehicles and equipment!

To view the DT80 Test report, or to discuss your particular needs, please contact us now.