Don't spend $$$$ on common rail injectors...use CRD Fuel Enhancer!

Injector failures are a widespread and very expensive problem for common rail type diesel engines (2007 and later), but Cost Effective Maintenance is now saving thousands of $$$ in parts, plus labour plus downtime costs, by fixing the injectors in service with their CRD Fuel Enhancer.

Common rail diesel injector problems are a major expense for the new breed of high performance, low emission diesel engines

From 2007, the "common rail" diesel technology was introduced to meet tighter emission requirements. This system requires much finer tolerances within pumps and injectors, and much higher fuel pressures, but if they give problems, they are generally not repairable. New injectors cost $1000 to $2000 each, plus the labour to replace them. The exercise could easily cost $10,000 for a Land Cruiser

But Cost Effective Maintenance has demonstrated that in the vast majority of cases, injectors can be returned to full specification simply by using their CRD Fuel Enhancer. Injectors that are thought to be damaged beyond serviceable limits have been restored to as new condition. Such is the testament to CRD Fuel Enhancer, that one dealer who uses it, now rarely fits new injectors to CRD equipped vehicles.

Dealerships will generally diagnose the problem on their computer, and each injector is given a rating from 0 to +5, and 0 to -5. Injectors should read between +1 and -1, and if outside these limits, they should be replaced with new ones. If they malfunction, either too much fuel or too little fuel will be metered into the cylinder. Damaging detonation rattles can develop, which can melt pistons and totally destroy engines.

CRD Fuel Enhancer has even restored injectors that were totally off scale to provide "as new" diagnostic readings.

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