Don't change oil !!

Supplier: Clean Oil Services
13 November, 2012

Changing oil and disposing of used oil is a major cost to industry and the environment.

For years the accepted practice has been to change oil in equipment on a pre-set scheduled basis regardless of whether the oil is spent. Often, used oil is simply loaded with contaminants such as dirt particles, wear metals, water and gases, while the oil remains within specifications and suitable for continued use. If the contaminants can be adequately removed without affecting the additives, there is no reason why oils cannot remain in service.

The LUBEMASTER is a cost effective and innovative Oil Cleaning Unit which keeps the oil in perfect operating condition and extends machine life. It enables oil life to be extended many fold or even indefinitely, resulting in cost savings of more than 50 per cent.

Cleanliness levels achieved by LUBEMASTER are much higher than other systems, removing particles to sub-micron levels.  It is a much more efficient filtration system than competitors pore membrane filters, which block once a particle larger than the pore size is caught in the element. A recent trial revealed LUBEMASTER was up to 93 per cent cleaner than a competitor system.

Other advantages of LUBEMASTER include:

  • Its ease of operation and very low energy requirement
  • Cleans oil while the host machine continues operating, flushing contaminants from the whole   lubrication system
  • Has very few moving parts so there is minimal wear
  • Expensive filters are not normally required
  • Unlike our competitors it can clean ALL grades of lubricating oil at FULL FLOW RATE

The LUBEMASTER can also be utilised for:

  • Cleaning contaminated diesel fuel
  • Cleaning and restoring transformer oils
  • Effectively cleaning heat circulating systems
  • Cleaning waste oil suitable for use a as a diesel substitute to burn off in diesel engine fuel - where every litre of waste oil becomes a litre of diesel

LUBEMASTER Oil Cleaning Equipment is available to HIRE or SALE.

We have all the tools and expertise to assist you in achieving optimal performance and longevity from your equipment and your lubricant.