Do you need class 0 certification for your oil-free air compressors?

Oil-Free Air Compressor From Ingersoll Rand
Oil-Free Air Compressor From Ingersoll Rand

Due to industry demand for oil-free air, class 0 certification was created in 2001. Class 0 is the most strict air quality class and only certifies a compressor that discharges air that is 100% free of oil. This ensures that only pure air is discharged.

Pure air is paramount in many critical industrial processes such as in the food and beverage, textile, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Due to the pure air, higher quality products are produced in these industries. 
Other than providing purer air, oil-free compressors also reduce maintenance costs. This is because you don’t need to keep on lubricating moving parts. Also, you don’t need to periodically replace inline filters and oil/air separators. 
According to Dino Alessio, a leading rotary screw compressor engineer at CAPS Australia, the reduced levels of contaminants also help the air system components to last longer. This ensures that the product has a higher quality which always pleases the customer.
"Oil-contaminated air is dangerous and a result to product damage, which creates great loses and ruins customer's trust. Ingersoll Rand range has compressors that discharge oil-free air; therefore, if you buy Ingersoll Rand compressors, you will avoid all the risks brought about by oil-contaminated compressors," added Alessio. 
Ingersoll Rand is the world’s first manufacturer to be certified class 0 for centrifugal air compressors. 
Other than receiving class 0 certification for oil-free centrifugal compressor, Ingersoll Rand has also received class 0 certification for the rotary screw air compressor technology. The company has been having this certification since 2007. 
Both of these certifications were awarded after the company complied with all laid down regulations. The certifications were awarded for Ingersoll Rand water-cooled and air-cooled oil-free rotary screw compressors (37 to 350 kW) and the oil free, and water cooled centrifugal compressors (160 to 5,000 kW). 
The certifications were awarded by TÜV Rheinland® which is an independent and globally respected testing and assessment company.
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