Diesel storage tanks

Supplier: Global Rotomoulding By: Noelene Bellette
19 July, 2011

The demand for high standard diesel tanks is critical in any rural setting.

With the introduction of diesel grade plastic, Global have designed and manufactured a series of light weight diesel tanks.

These diesel tanks are cost effective and results in a robust heavy duty product able to withstand Australia’s weather extremes.

Global Rotomoulding is the leader in the production of diesel grade plastic storage tanks that comply with required regulations. Whether you need the storage capacity of a small diesel tank or bulk diesel storage, Global have a durable, easy to install and cost-effective solution to fit the bill.

Several series of diesel tanks are available: Firstly the Ute mate diesel tank are sized from 100, 200, 400 and 400 Tall, plus 600 litre tanks can be ordered as a bare tank or with an automatic cut off pump and hose kit. These tanks are designed to be carried in the back of a Ute or truck and have lifting handles to assist with placement. The handles also provide a point to secure the tank with straps. A lockable pump cover is provided and the tanks are baffled to minimize surge and improve stability.

The Rural Diesel Tanks are designed as a cartage tank and range in size from a 400 Litre to a 2000 Litre tank. These tanks can be pin mounted on the back of a truck or trailer or secured in the paddock on a frame. A screw lid provides the fill point on one end of the tank.

Global diesel tanks are lightweight tanks that are transportable and each system is backed by a five year written warranty.