Dehumidifier Servicing is Crucial for Maintaining Reliable, Safe and Effortless Operations.

Humiscope dehumidifier service technicians and engineers
Humiscope dehumidifier service technicians and engineers
04 Nov 2021

Dehumidification systems play a vital role in many industries. If the system is not running efficiently it leads to production downtime, increased operating costs, energy consumption & safety hazards.

Did you know - with the right preventative maintenance, your dehumidifier will run optimally and could last for 20 years!  When a dehumidifier is not running efficiently it can cause serious interruptions to production.  Preventative Maintenance also avoids more significant and costly equipment failures down the line.  

We service any brand dehumidifier - regardless of make or model

Humiscope provides optimal climate control solutions to the industrial sector both in Australia and overseas.  We have specially trained technicians and engineers and can service your pre-existing dehumidifier.

Industries we have worked with:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Food and Meat Production
  • Pharmaceutical Production Processes
  • Laboratories and R&D Plants
  • Storage and Preservation
  • Cannabis Crop Production

Why Choose Humiscope:

  • Our Technicians and Engineers cover the East Coast of Australia
  • We have three QLD technicians on hand for Service and Maintenance
  • We reply to service calls quickly and organise a site visit promptly
  • We offer friendly expert advice
  • We will not make you pay for unnecessary parts
  • We will not say you have to send parts overseas when it can be fixed onsite
  • Obligation Free Site Visit

Our Applications Specialist can talk you through the humidity control systems that we

  • Custom design specific to your needs
  • Supply
  • Install
  • Commission
  • Follow up checks and datalogging

The running and maintenance of our desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers are very cost effective so capital and operating costs are kept to a minimum. We are Australia’s supplier of choice for TFT Dehumidifiers (Italian manufacturer of leading Air Quality Control products).

We pride ourselves on professional, friendly customer service and are always happy to do an onsite visit, obligation free.

Which Dehumidifiers do We Service?

  • TFT
  • Dantherm
  • HiDew
  • Fisair
  • DST Dryer
  • Munters

We are passionate about continuous learning and keeping abreast of new technologies and emerging industry trends. We love sharing our knowledge to better inform our clients.

If you are interested in our products or service or simply want to have chat about the technology – that will help you establish and maintain reliable, safe, and effortless operations - please contact us.