Customer testimonials: Bi-tron Penetrating Lubricant

Feedback from customers' on their experience with Bi-tron's products.

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I have been using Bi-tron (Bitron) Treatments for approximately 5 Years.

    My name is Bruce Noyce and I operate a business in the ACT where I service industrial machinery on site. I’ve been in this business for many years and I have a big clientele of constructural engineering companies.

    The service work I do varies greatly; the cranes used on site by these companies has a particular metal to metal slide which was supposed to be greased once a week; the build up of grease eventually fell off the booms and at times ended up in the eyes of the ground crew. Once the Bi-tron (Bitron) Pene Lube was used there was no fall out and the slides needs a spray with the Pene Lube once a month only.

    I also do a lot of Pipe servicing. The large diameter flanges have many bolts and nuts to be removed. These bolts and nuts are always rusted from period of time in the weather. I spray these bolts and nuts with the Bi-tron (Bitron) Pene Lube leave for a couple of hours which allows the Pene Lube to penetrate and the nuts can be removed easily.

    When I have parallel couplings to remove from shafts that have frozen on in place; I attempt to pull the couplings with a puller, sometimes the couplings refuse to move and sometimes they will only move a little and stop. All I need to do is heat the couplings up to a cherry red and spray the Bi-tron (Bitron) Pene Lube where it would run along the shaft and the puller can then remove the couplings with little effort. The Pene Lube smokes from the heat, however, the Bi-tron (Bitron) will still do it’s work in penetrating.

    There are many more areas where I use the Bi-tron (Bitron) Pene Lube.

    This is the best penetrating and quick lubricant product I have ever used.

    I can recommend all the Bi-tron (Bitron) Products without hesitation.

    Regards,Bruce Noyce
  2. Dear sir/madam,

    Initially, in my 1989 Camry, which improved it’s performance and Fuel consumption by a saving of 20 to 25%.

    In August 2003 I purchased a 1993 Ford LTS Truck and Dog with a 460 Cummins Engine and a 13 Speed Road Ranger Gear Box. I fully treated this vehicle with the Bi-tron (Bitron) Treatments. This truck carts Aluminum from Tomago Aluminum Smelter to the Eastern Basin Wharf, approximately 36 Klm round trip, with 18 sets of traffic lights on this run. There is a lot of Stop/Starting. This truck is always grossing between 48 to 50 ton, and still averages around 2.3 Klms per Litre of Fuel.

    April this year I brought an ex Finnimores 430/470 Detroit. Which I found to be very much under powered. Now after 6 months using the Bi-tron (Bitron) Treatments, I keep up with trucks that used to leave me for dead between Newcastle and Sydney. One bloke who works for the same Company, who has a 500 Detroit, found with the same weight, he could not get away from me on the hills coming out of Sydney. 2 trips Newcastle to Sydney and back, Fuel used went from 470 Litres 1st. trip to 410 Litres 2nd. trip.

    I would advise all truck owners to treat their vehicles with Bi-tron (Bitron).

    Glen Tucker, Raymond Terrace, N.S.W.
  3. Dear Brian,

    Thank you for introducing me to the Bi-tron (Bitron) products, and sharing your experiences with me. This product has been a great help in the operation of my farm equipment and vehicles.

    I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for this amazing product. I would have no hesitation in recommending for use a combination of your Bi-tron (Bitron) products to achieve maximum efficiency, in both farm machinery and motor vehicles in all areas. E.G In fuel, engines and transmissions.

    The Engine Oil Treatment is a very good product, I use it in all my tractors at each oil change. The operation of each unit has to be experienced to be believed. The tractors range in size from a 17 H.P. Kubota to a 240 H.P. Case, with varying sizes in between. I have 9 units in total.

    The Engine Oil Treatment helps to reduce friction, by so doing reduces heat, resulting in more power, torque and a cleaner motor. This constitutes great savings in fuel consumption due to the friction loss created by the Bi-tron (Bitron) Products. As you will agree this is a bonus when using multiple units.

    From my observations "sump" oil contamination is also greatly reduced from the use of Bi-tron (Bitron) Engine Oil Formulation and Diesel Fuel Conditioner. This Fuel Conditioner is poured into the tank at the same time as the fuel is being pumped in, resulting in an instant "mix".

    Another great product I use extensively is the Transmission oil treatment, Bi-tron (Bitron) E.P. Metal Treatment. This treatment can be used in gearboxes, machinery and power steering alike. The reduction of heat as a result of less friction is quite remarkable. This product has also been instrumental in saving a rebuild situation in a N.L.12 Volvo Truck, which has had a worn gearbox for the last 12 months, proving that your product has proven beneficial in a difficult situation.

    We use Bi-tron (Bitron) in all our smaller units on the property, such as generator and pump engines, lawn mowers and motorbikes resulting in greater productivity and lower maintenance.

    Finally, I wish to add that I have witnessed great results in all the vehicles using Bi-tron (Bitron) Products, in particular my Toyota 100 Series Turbo Diesel Wagon, which had been fitted with a Hi-clone unit. This combination works well in all avenues of use. Noticeable fuel saving has been gained since using the Bi-tron (Bitron) Products.
  4. Hello,

    My name is Alan Abe from Corrigin in W.A. I was introduced to the Bi-tron (Bitron) range of products by Brian Rogers from Qld. in May 2001.

    I am a partner in a 2600ha mixed farming enterprise in the central wheat belt of Western Australia.

    We crop 1400ha annually, mostly to wheat and barley. 2200 merino ewes are mated annually to merino rams, and a further 1000-2000 dry sheep are grazed depending on the season.

    We use a J D 8450 tractor for seeding and a N H TR86 for harvest. Three smaller tractors are used for spraying and general farm work.

    We have been using Bi-tron (Bitron) Diesel Conditioner and Bi-tron (Bitron) Engine Formulation in all our farm machinery and also Bi-tron (Bitron) E.P. Metal Treatment in the hydraulics and final drives of the 8450 and TR86.

    Last harvest I did some tests with the TR86 on it’s fuel use, and found repeatedly that when I added Bi-tron (Bitron) Diesel Conditioner, I was using 25% less diesel. This equates to a saving of approx. $3 for every $1, I spend on the Bi-tron (Bitron) Diesel Conditioner.

    I also have a Ford Futura car and have found that my fuel use has improved from 10Kms / L up to 12Kms / L when Bi-tron (Bitron) Gasoline Conditioner was added to the fuel. These tests were done over a 170Km drive from our farm to a petrol station near Perth. So for every $1 I spend on Bi-tron (Bitron) Gasoline Conditioner, I am saving approx. $3.50 on petrol. We do approx 33000 Kms in our car each year for a fuel cost saving of approx. $500. This more than covers the extra cost of the Engine Formulation,(which is about $55 per year ).

    I have no hesitation in recommending the use of Bi-tron (Bitron) products however large or small one’s car or machinery is.

    Alan Abe January 2003
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