Customer testimonial: Truck diesel savings

Johny Farmin Co. had a Contract with Mackay Brick & Tile, running two Western trucks from Brisbane to Mackay.

Trialling Diesel Fuel Conditioner over same distance with the same load and drivers, we saved 20% on fuel. Now we buy all Bitron products (Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Engine Formulation and EP Metal Treatment) and recommend using Engine Formulation in conjunction with Diesel Fuel Conditioner for optimum results.

We also operate a shrimp farm and use Bitron products in the tractors and other equipment. When an unattended tractor, running a stationary pump, lost all of its coolant, we were surprised to find the overheated tractor still running when we returned. It is our firm belief that Bitron Lubricants EP20 Engine treatment saved the tractor from the usual damage, and likely seizing, due to overheating.

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