Customer testimonial: Metal treatment for milling

Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication By: C Mclnnes
29 January, 2010

I am the Production Manager for a company that supplies contract services to domestic and international markets. These services include milling, pelletising, packaging and containerising of agriculture commodities.

In the plant in past years we have trialled several other expensive lubricants but with poor results. I was introduced to the Bi-tron (Bitron) range of products in June of this year.

The results from using 2.4.6. Metal Treatment in the milling section have been outstanding. In one month the savings to the company can be counted in the thousands. I also trialled the B!-Tron Engine Formulation and Diesel Fuel Conditioner in the forklifts and front-end loaders and have had similar results to that of the 2.4.6. Metal Treatment.

Since having used Bi-tron (Bitron) throughout the plant and mobile equipment I decided to become a distributor myself. I would highly recommend Bi- Tron in obtaining results and minimising production down time in any Field where the plant or equipment is dependent upon running on a 24 hour basis.

C Mclnnes,

Source: Company