Customer testimonial: Bitron's conditioners

I was introduced to Bi-tron (Bitron) in October 1999. Previously I had tried other products, so I decided to try some Bi-tron (Bitron) Gasoline Conditioner in my petrol wagon and some Diesel Conditioner in my Toyota trayback.

I was very happy with the results as both were relatively new vehicles and had lacked power and also had a great fuel consumption. After using the products for approximately 300 kms, both vehicles had more power and a better fuel consumption.

I also own two D9H Caterpillar Dozers. I added Bi-tron (Bitron) Diesel Fuel Conditioner to them and after 90 hours of work, I am saving 15 litres of diesel per hour per machine, whilst pulling regrowth timber.

Starting the dozers have been noticeably easier, a significant reduction of black smoke emission and an increase in power. I have since added 2.4.6 Metal Treatment to the power transmission, final drives and hydraulics.

After 60 hours work, I have noticed that the transmissions are running cooler and quieter, and both machines lug in under heavy going a lot better. The final drives and hydraulics are both running cooler.

I have just began to use Engine Formula in the dozer motors as I have already used it in the trayback. I have added Bi-tron (Bitron) Diesel Fuel Conditioner to my 140g Caterpillar Grader. Already the black smoke has noticeably reduced and has greater power.

I am very happy with the range of Bi-tron (Bitron) products and recommend Bi-tron (Bitron) to everyone.

R Finger,

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