Customer testimonial: Bi-tron Engine Formulation

I was first introduced to the Bi-tron (Bitron) products after I had cooked the motor of our 1988 EA Falcon.

This being caused as a result of driving the vehicle with a blown heater hose causing the motor to overheat and completely stop. I was able to start the motor again after replacing the damaged hoses and refitted the radiator, but due to the overheating, the motor was very noisy.

After driving the vehicle back home, I found that the oil sensor on the side of the motor was also completely melted. The next day whilst I was running the motor and believing I would have to replace the motor a N/A/T/O distributor handed me some Bi-tron (Bitron) Engine Formulation and told me to try it. To my amazement, within 2 to 3 minutes the rattles ceased and the motor has been running quietly ever since.

I have also put Bi-tron (Bitron) Engine Formulation and Fuel Conditioner in our 96 Ford Transit Motor Home. This vehicle has a 2.5 litre diesel turbo in it. After taking it on a 180 km run, I gained 2 kms per litre more economy and the vehicle seemed to run much smoother. I have since put 2.4.6 Metal Treatment in the steering, gearbox and diff and can't wait to take this vehicle on a long trip to test it out.

B Harrison,

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