Custom designed inflatable blast booth used by Siemens

Our latest project with Siemens was to supply a specialised Industrial, inflatable blast booth for their servicing operations on power stations around the country.

Siemens required inflatable shelters to service machinery on site. This entailed dismantling on site and cleaning machinery parts by blasting. Conventionally they would need to construct temporary shelters on site by building scaffolding based buildings that were clad in ill-fitting cloth fabrics that were difficult to anchor and secure in a reliable manner. They needed to have an environmentally controlled structure that would contain their blasting materials and contaminants, be efficiently ventilated for safe working conditions and well lit. It also required allowances for efficient duct extraction, and large machinery access.

OH&S requirements for operations on site strictly require that all works on site are covered by enclosures that contain and manage toxic and environmentally contaminating materials used in site services. The typical types of operation requiring compliance with OH&S are media blasting, surface preparation and cleaning & decontamination of equipment and vehicles.

The conventional setup would often take days before they could begin their work on site.

Our industrial shelters are to enable operators to offer shelters in the field away from base and the inflatable blast shelter we designed and supplied made the setup simple and quick. In fact on arrival on site they were operational in 4 hours!