Covid-19 testing needs to be Visible and easily placed

31 Jul 2020

The Portable Emergency Shelter Specialists Giant Inflatables Industrial have built the ultimate Inflatable Covid-19 Testing Shelter. It's spacious and compact when packed

Testing will need to take place not only in the suburbs but also at Commuter Hubs, Stadiums, and large worksites.

To be responsive to the need for constant testing and agile enough to be placed effectively, these shelters need to be quick and easy to install and be operational so the testing teams can move into a comfortable and sheltered space with no friction.

Testing needs to be highly visible for the public to get the message and comfortable for the testing teams to work in.

With these simple variables in mind, our team has built the ultimate inflatable mobile Covid-19 testing shelter that is designed to be simple and quick to deploy without experience teams. Conventional tents and shelters that are used now, need to be erected and removed by experienced teams.

  • Variable office and storage space inside.
  • Packs up to a compact size of 80cmx90cmx80cm.
  • Footprint with a public apron of 9m x 7m long
  • Setup in 30 minutes
  • The office has a clear view of the public covered apron
  • Uses also as a control point for police

Uses include

  • Walkthrough testing at major events and stadiums
  • Commuter hubs like railway stations and airports
  • Workplaces such as building sites, mines, power stations, and infrastructure development sites
  • Police control points at state borders and suburban accesses