Some Australians will sit in a queue a mile long and wait outside a petrol station to save a miserable four cents a litre on fuel.

And yet they are simply too lazy to pour a couple of mil of XSNano fuel additive into their tank to save 30 to 40 cents a litre.

Fuel products have not kept up with technology because technology used now would reduce the amount of fuel your engine uses. And that is the last thing that fuel companies want (fewer fuel sales), and that is probably why "nano technology" is not added to the fuel you buy. Because it would reduce fuel sales.

But lubricants have been removed from fuels in Australia. (SULFUR from the diesel and LEAD from the petrol). These were removed because they were harmful to the environment, but nothing replaced them.
So you need to be adding lubricants back into your fuel to protect injectors, pumps, turbos and every day wear and tear, even if they reduce your fuel usage.

Now "Nano" technology is finally here and scientists have perfected the way fuel can burn creating a more complete burn of fuel than ever thought possible in the past, and this relates directly to better fuel economy (we have trucks and road trains in Australia getting 25% better fuel economy) more power and far less emissions than ever before.

This latest "Nano" technology was developed by scientists in China to combat the shortage of fuel and the massive pollution problems there and is now marketed as XSNano here in Australia by Lubrication Solutions P/L (trading as Bi-Tron Australia).

Anyone wishing to reduce their running costs would be mad not to use this product. It cannot void any warranties and has international standards accreditation. All it can do is save you money.

The more fuel you use, the more money you could save. Plus reduce break downs and maintenance costs.
Contact Lubrication Solutions P/L or see Bulk pricing is also available for large orders.

You can't change the price of fuel, but you can change the amount of fuel you use with XSNano in your tank.

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