Cost effective acoustic foam replacement for a school workshop

This brief case study outlines why Melfoam Acoustics was chosen to replace the existing acoustic foam at a school workshop requiring sound absorption.

The Challenge

A high school woodwork and metalwork classroom needed to replace its existing acoustic foam, which was badly aged and becoming ineffective. The workshop required sound absorption due to the loud machinery students were using, it reverberated heavily in the space because of the high ceiling and bare concrete surfaces that reflected sound readily.

The school had four requirements of the new solution. It had to fit the existing frame structures in place holding the old acoustic foam, it had to be highly cost effective, it had to be cleanable in case of dust from the woodwork and it had to be fireproof.

The Solution

Melfoam Acoustics devised an innovative way of fitting our stock panelling into the workshop’s existing structure, saving the school the added cost of a customised solution. This satisfied the first two requirements.

Our melamine foam does not ignite, and thus our melamine product line is inherently fireproof, but it is porous, so we had to ensure the foam was cleanable before we could supply the school. To achieve this we coated the panels with 3M Scotch Guard before shipping, meaning they could be wiped clean (with occasional re-application by the school).