Corrosion Resistant Cartridges

SUN Hydraulics have released a range of corrosion resistant cartridges.

These hydraulic cartridges are made of high strength duplex stainless steel. Products are available in many hydraulic functions with a flow capacity to 760L/min and a pressure rating of 350 bar. The hydraulic performance matches Sun’s standard models and the cartridge internal components are heat treated carbon steel for high strength and long wear.

SUN Hydraulics is represented by Custom Fluidpower, one of the largest, most innovative hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics solutions provider in Australia. With a focus on delivering complete hydraulic engineered solutions, Custom Fluidpower can solve your problem.

SUN Product Specialist, David Day explained, “The difference when using this product (the cartridges) are made from duplex stainless steel which has a high corrosive resistance, as well as high strength”.

He commented: “We are very excited as this new product extends Sun’s existing range of cartridges. Now, we can offer more into industries who work with harsh environments such as Food Preparation and Oil & Gas”.

Custom Fluidpower also have available duplex stainless steel bodies with port sizes 3/8” and 1/2” BSPP. Others body styles are available on request including direct mount to cylinders.
Duplex stainless steel is high strength and has a corrosion resistance superior to 316 stainless steel.
Ideally suited for the Agricultural, Chemical, Food Processing, Marine, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Pulp and Paper industries.