Conveyor Transfer Tables Rollers

Supplier: Rotacaster Wheel
05 March, 2009

Rotacasters provide a flexible high impact, high load, low maintenance solution for conveyor transfer tables with a choice of single, double or triple wheels.

The monolithic web structure of the Rotacaster wheel body and the over-moulded rollers provide an extremely robust wheel that has no seams, joints or inserted pins and axles within an individual wheel body.

This ensures:

  • no lost rollers
  • low maintenance
  • high impact resistance
  • high load capacity

The relative width of the wheel and rollers allow much higher density of rollers (rollers per sq ft/sqm) than alternatives, providing greater potential for load distribution, surface support and contact with load bases within a given length or area providing

  • ease of manoeuvrability
  • smoother movement or transition of product
  • greater load capacities
  • ability to handle heavy loads with small contact surfaces

The method of manufacture make the Rotacaster and ideal choice for corrosive environment where custom specifications of roller and bush material are required.