Collecting an oil sample for analysis

Supplier: Clean Oil Services
21 April, 2010

The following is a step by step guide for collecting oil samples.

Step 1

Always store your bottles and sampling equipment in a clean, dust free environment. Prepare your sample bottles, taking care not to let dust or water contamination into bottles or cap. Be sure to place the cap in a way that it cannot get contaminated

Step 2

Be sure to completely fill out your data labels for all compartments to be sampled prior to taking samples, taking care that sample identification is correct. Oil hours are critical for accurate assessment.

Step 3

Make sure the machine is hot and at operating temperature and that all compartments to be sampled have been well agitated. Wherever possible leave machine running whilst preparing sample equipment and when sampling, although don’t idle engines for more than three minutes.

Step 4

Measure the plastic tube length off dipstick allowing enough length for the end of the tube to go approx half way into sump and leaving room at the top to operate the pump. Cut a new tube for each sample. Never re-use a tube.

Step 5

Insert one end of the tube into the top of the vacuum pump until approx 25mm is protruding into the bottle. Taking care that the 'O' ring seals the tube. Tighten the knurled nut and screw the bottle on firmly. Do not take the tube to the bottom of the bottle, leave only about 20mm protruding from the pump head. Place the cap down, taking care not to let it become contaminated.

Step 6

Insert the plastic tube into the dipstick guide measuring the length of insertion off the dipstick.

Step 7

Operate the vacuum pump by holding the plunger out to create a vacuum in the sample bottle. Hold the pump steady with the bottle upright until 3/4 full. Do not try to fill the bottle and never allow oil to contact the pump, as it will contaminate the next sample.

Step 8

When bottle is 3/4 full, withdraw the tube from the compartment, carefully remove the bottle from the pump and immediately place the cap on the bottle. Wipe any oil off the tubing prior to removing from the pump. Wipe all fingermarks and oil from the outside of the bottle. Be sure the cap is tight.

Step 9

Check that the correct label matches the sample. Peel the back off the adhesive label and place the label onto the sample bottle, then place the bottle into the canister for immediate delivery to the lab. Do not place labels on the black mailing canister.

Always keep in mind that the Report & recommendations we send back to you are only as accurate as the quality of the oil sample provided to our Lab. It is very critical that the sample is a true representation of the oil in the compartment and not contaminated during the sample collection process.