Colby safety innovations - Colby Drive In Pallet Raking

Designed for Drive In Rack.

Colby Drive In Uprights

  • Optimised, wider design
  • Increases strength and stability of structure
  • Prevents bowing that can lead to dangerous rack collapse

 Colby Frame Bracing

  • Symmetrical design increases strength and load carrying capacity
  • Improves robustness and stability of rack

 Colby Cantilever Brackets

  • Registered design
  • Strong one piece design ensures there is negligible rotation under load
  • Improves the strength and stability of the rack structure

Colby "Back Stop"

  • Positioned at end of pallet runner and double bolted for extra safety
  • Prevent pallets slipping off and eliminates potential damage to spine bracing

Colby Pallet Runners

  • Registered and Patented design
  • Minimises the vertical and horizontal deflection and twist, reducing the chance of pallets falling through
  • Bolted from underneath, avoiding any dangerous catchpoints