Cobots 2020: Diverseco to Present at Collaborative Robotics Forum in Melbourne 12 + 13 March 2020

28th February 2020

Diverseco is proud to be a key sponsor and a collaborative robotics partner for the upcoming COBOTS 2020: Intelligent And Collaborative Robotics Automation Forum to be held at the Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday 12 and Friday 13 March 2020.

Doosan Cobots with Robot Controller and Teach Pendant

The event has been carefully researched and curated by the organisers to deliver  state of the art insights from industry leaders and academics on the application of intelligent and collaborative robotics automation, trends and applications to help industry leaders ignite a successful transformation and drive the next wave of massive automation. Join the global gathering of robotics and intelligent automation leaders to discover how leading organisations are using collaborative robotics to drive innovations in productivity and automation.

Diverseco will be a Featured Presenter with the topic Calling All Innovators! Imagine Tomorrow Now:  How Vendors And End-Users Can Collaborate In Combining Next-Generation Robotics With Traditional Automation Into New Solutions

Diverseco will also lead a Roundtable Discussion Topic: Collaborative Robots & Quick Change End Of Arm Tools: Easy Hire For Proof Of Concept

Diverseco will also be demonstrating the newest technology Doosan M0617 Collaborative robot in a product identification and piece picking application using the brand new OnRobot VGC10 compact electrical suction gripper and the fantastic new Solomon Vision AccuPick 3D, all housed on a custom designed trolley set supplied by Vention, the cloud-based 3D design and build start-up.

Doosan M0617

Doosan Collaborative Robots. The M0617 model offers a compact base combined with a maximum range of 170 cm (!) and a heft payload of 6kg. It is ideal for automating multiple workstations and for challenging palletising operations.  It features 6-axis articulation with top-class force sensitivity in each axis and collision detection; outstanding safety and precise operation by 6  joint torque sensors all controlled and monitored by a state-of-the-art controller.  There is  also the human-centred Teach Pendant with capacitive touch and high resolution screen with ultra intuitive usability. This allows for easy and simple robot teaching by various types of Skills and Application Templates.

OnRobot: Enabling Collaborative Applications. The VGC10 electrical compact vacuum gripper has unlimited customization possibilities. It has changeable suction cup options too for nearly any application need. Smaller than the OnRobot VG10, the VGC10 can fit into tight environments to extend your automation possibilities. And at half the weight of the VG10 but with the same amazing 15kg payload, the VGC10 can lift small, odd-shaped, and heavy objects even with a smaller robot arm. The VGC10 features two independently controlled air channels that allow it to act as a dual gripper with pick-up and release in the same action, further increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time. With no compressor or air supply needed, this compact electrical gripper is easy to move, and simple programming makes it quick and easy to redeploy for greater production flexibility.


Solomon 3D Vison and AI. The unique way the Solomon Vision AccuPick 3D blends AI, 3D vision and robotics makes it an intelligent, fast, and intuitive solution ideal for difficult pick and place applications. A gold honoree of Vision Systems Design’s Innovator Award, AccuPick 3D represents the state-of-the-art and comprehensive robotic picking solution for manufacturing and logistics industries. AccuPick 3D is comprised of three distinct but seamlessly integrated hardware and software modules:

3D Scanner. AccuPick supports multiple 3D scanner technologies in obtaining 3D images of the work pieces, including structured light, Time-of-Flight (ToF), active stereo vision, laser.

Image Analysis Software. 3D point clouds generated are instantly analyzed by AccuPick’s powerful deep learning software to recognize, segment, and locate work pieces.

Bin Collision Avoidance. In many applications robots with gripper need to reach deep inside of a bin to pick a work piece, AccuPick provides an optional module that optimises robot path and prevents collision against bin. is a next-generation, cloud-based 3D digital manufacturing platform for machine design. Vention enables engineers and manufacturing professionals to design, order and assemble custom industrial equipment in just a few days.  Both Doosan cobots and OnRobot grippers are listed partners with Vention and this means that all of their hardware parts form part of the inventoried bill of goods for designs in Vention.

Be sure to attend the Cobots 2020 conference to learn more about how Collaborative Robots are transforming manufacturing and industry in Australia and around the world. To learn more contact Diverseco today.

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