CleanScrape – a new standard for industry

Our patented conveyor belt cleaning system "CleanScrape" represents a new standard for the industry.

The system incorporates both a Primary Diagonal Cleaner (PDC) as well as a Secondary Diagonal Cleaner (SDC) which offer the highest level of cleaning performance with the lowest rates of wear to both the conveyor belt and the cleaners thanks to the extremely low pressure contact between the cleaner and the belt surface.

Your benefits:

  • Extended life of scraper and conveyor belt
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs


Our new patented belt cleaning system – is a new standard for the industry.

CleanScrape PDC (Primary Diagonal Cleaner)

The primary cleaner is installed diagonally across the discharge pulley and forms a three dimensional curve.

The cleaner incorporates tungsten carbide scrapers and is tensioned against the belt by way of integrated steel cables and a gas strut. Despite an extremely low contact pressure between belt and cleaner, 85 per cent to 95 per cent of stuck material is removed.

Suitable for use with reversing belts and with any conveyor belt joiners or fasteners which are currently on the market.

CleanScrape SDC (Secondary Diagonal Cleaner)

Ideal for use with higher speed belts

The secondary cleaner also operates diagonally across the belt and is usually installed between the discharge pulley and the first idler or alternatively at another point between idlers in the return run. This cleaner removes any remaining fine material from the belt.


  • Optimum cleaning results
  • Simple installation
  • Removed material returns to main flow (PDC)
  • Low wear to the belt
  • Low wear to the cleaner
  • Suitable for all belt speeds
  • Suitable for use with all types of mechanical joints and fasteners
  • Long life expectancy for scraper and belt
  • Very low maintenance
  • Best value for money (True Life Cost)
  • Suitable for use with reversing belts (PDC only)
  • FRAS approved for Australia and New Zealand


  • Mining (all types)
  • Coal handling facilities
  • Power stations
  • Agricultural
  • Cement industry
  • Quarries
  • Port coal loaders
  • Chemical industry
  • Recycling
  • Washeries
  • Salt industry