Case Study - Telecommunication

Macquarie Telecom Group are an Australian corporate provider of telecom services including voice, mobile, data and cloud hosting to corporate customers, with arms of the organisation working in Government cyber security.

Since the deregulation of the telecommunications industry in Australia, Macquarie Telecom has been able to bring innovation to the industry, opening Australia’s first Tier 3 data centre and bringing private cloud compute and cloud storage services to the country.

Macquarie Telecom are now committed to providing zero downtime hosting and with a guarantee of zero data loss in the event of a service disruption which requires complete datacentre redundancy. Throughout their ongoing client relationship with Static Power, Macquarie Telecom have been incorporating our static transfer switches into solutions for their clients’ mission-critical requirement for the availability of data.

Macquarie Telecom is just one of the many telecommunication companies that are utilising our i-STS products, cumulatively our Static Transfer Switches provide support for telecommunications subscribers all day, everyday.

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