Case Study - Power Distribution

Within Australia and around the world, i-STS Static Transfer Switches are used in various types of power generation plants including hydroelectric, coal and gas power plants.

EnergyAustralia’s Mount Piper Power Station in NSW Australia, has two coal-fired steam turbine generators with the combined capacity of 1,400 MW of electricity to meet the energy needs of approximately 1.18 million homes every year and has i-STS incorporated into the control infrastructure. Our products are used in many other power generation schemes including the Snowy Hydroelectric Scheme which is part of the Australia’s National Electricity Market.

Through our partnering clients, we have provided for end users who have integrated our products into various power distributions that demand stability and reliability including commercial and industrial grid areas, road infrastructure and rail signaling. In these applications our products are ensuring continuous power to keep things moving forward and keep our lights on.