Case study: Freyssinet chooses bridge bearing grouting pads

Supplier: Antec Engineering
29 October, 2015

The Majura Parkway is an exciting new project for the Nation’s Capital currently under construction in a Joint Venture involving BMD Constructions and Freyssinet Australia that will seamlessly connect the Federal Highway to the Monaro Highway on the outskirts of the Australian Capital Territory.


Along with dual carriageway highway upgrades the project involves the construction of two new bridges over the Mologo River and Fairbairn Avenue, using a pre cast launch construction method where sections of box girder are precast before being pushed out incrementally.

Site Requirements

To provide a solution of pumping small volumes of cementitious high flow structural grout between the surfaces of many stainless steel bearing plates to the bridge concrete deck eliminating voids and ensuring contact. The method needed to be efficient, fast, easy to clean and reliable in order for the project to progress on a tight time frame.


Epirez Supaflow HF Grout Class C was specified for the project and is a grout suitable for base plates, structural repair and bridge bearing installation providing high flow dual expansion and non-shrinkage characteristics and compressive strength of 88MPa after 28 days. In preparation for application the substrate was cleaned and dampened ensuring the removal of all loose laitance.

The Antec Solution

Selected for its bulletproof robust design, several ChemGrout Mini Series 050M hand pumps were selected for the project and proved invaluable ensuring the bearing plates were correctly grouted, ensuring nil voids, enabling Freyssinet to efficiently install the bearings and progress construction over the Mologo River.

The ChemGrout 050M Mini Series can be lifted easily around site with two men, is skid mounted, incredibly easy to disassemble and clean after each shift. The pump is quickly disassembled by releasing three snap clamps, flushing lines, washing rubbers, lubricating and reassembling. This model is perfect for smaller grouting applications and is ideal for pre-packaged non shrink cementitious grouts and sand cement rations of 2:1 with injection pressure to 200psi.

Alternate Applications:

  • Pre Cast Panel Joint Sealing
  • Hollow Metal Door and Window Filling
  • Machine Base
  • Slab Raising & General Void Filling

About Antec

Antec is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products to the mining, minerals processing and infrastructure industries in Australia. Antec are the exclusive distributor of the ChemGrout range of grout pumps which are available for hire or buy.