Case Study: Cable sealing systems used in Barangaroo Development

Supplier: Antec Engineering
30 October, 2015

As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of sealing systems Hauff-Technik protect buildings from penetrating water, gas, fire, dirt and vermin. The innovative solutions guarantee absolute leak tightness, economic efficiency, user friendliness and durability in all kinds of construction work.

Project Description

Barangaroo South is one of three developments on the western edge of the Sydney central business district. The 7.5 hectare site is being transformed into a mix use precinct that includes commercial, residential, retail, and a new landmark hotel. Lend Lease is responsible for delivering the Barangaroo South site.

Lend Lease project engineers specified Hauff-Technik cable sealing systems to seal incoming Telstra conduits and cabling at the Barangaroo South project. The Hauff-Technik system was specified because engineers from Lend Lease were concerned about the ongoing maintenance cost from water ingress entering the site where incoming conduits penetrated the capping beam. Hateflex flexible conduits were installed to navigate around existing services that could not be removed.

Installed Products:

  • HSI150 K2 wall insert 2100mm in thickness
  • KES150-D system covers
  • Hateflex 14110 flexible conduits 1.5m and 3m in length
  • KES M 150 HTV joiners
  • HSI150 DG cable seals