18 May 2021

Our expertise: Packaging and Labelling Top and/or bottom labeller Wrap around labeling systems Cross web labellers Weigh price labelling Print & apply

Packaging and labelling

Baumann Packaging systems is a German Company, operating more than 30 years in Australia.Located in the heartland Northwest of Sydney.

Automation, Packaging, Labelling and Design is our passion.

Baumann has built a solid presence in the meat, dairy, food, and manufacturing industry as a leading force in dynamic packaging, labelling and automation.

Today, we offer our customers a huge range of packaging, labelling and automated systems under the brand names: CWL, Baumann Packaging Systems.

Our Top & Bottom Labelling Systems provide automatic, precise label placement without the need of costly manual labor.

Label information can be preprinted on the label or can be printed during the labelling process.

We can label the following:

  • Case -ready trays
  • Shrink - wrapped products
  • Whole or packaged fruits and vegetables
  • Cheese and diary products
  • Customized applications to fit your products

Primary Machines:

  • Top and / or bottom labeller to apply labels to the product
  • Optional Printer for on-demand real-time printing
  • Wrap-around labelling systems
  • High speed cross web labellers to fit on to any thermoforming machines

For applications needing a label on both the top and bottom of the package, Baumann will build a combination top/bottom label applicator that exactly matches your need.

Our HMS Software: Developed and installed by Beckhoff Automation

Intelligent Machine Interface (HMIs)

The next step in human-machine interfaces (HMIs)

  1. Possibility to connect to your machines from anywhere in the world
  2. Predict and prevent problems for reduced downtime
  3. Capture data to transform into actionable insights
  4. Video instructions for more efficient training
  5. Monitor operators machine condition to improve productivity
  6. Track and trace products
  7. Expanding ecosystem and plug-ins need evolving needs
  8. Inform production and technical staff about production results and line conditions