Calibration chains demonstrate weigh belt conveyor accuracy

When the location of weighers within a process prevents material testing, calibration chains can be used to calibrate and prove weigher accuracy.

Eight Weigh Belt Conveyors were recently supplied to SPC Ardmona to handle a variety of fruits. Material testing was not possible as the weighers were all located within the process,. To overcome this issue, Active Weighing Solutions dynamically calibrated the weigh belts using calibration chains. When tested in our factory, the weigh belt conveyors were demonstrated to yield better than 1% accuracy, meeting the client’s specification.

Based on a C frame design to which allows easy belt change over, the weigh belt conveyors were constructed in 304 stainless steel. The design also incorporated a guided belt system with crowned and urethane coated lagged head and tail drums eliminating any possible issues with belt tracking