16 Sep 2022

Compressed Air Australia offers a great number of resources to assist customers with making an informed decision and few tools are more educational than CAA Whitepapers.

CAA Whitepapers provide highly detailed explanations on various subjects related to our products in an easily downloadable PDF. Helping customers garner a better understanding of not only the products, but the principles that make the products tick, provides readers with a more complete understanding of why intelligently engineered products are so effective and efficient.

A Whitepaper, by definition, is a research-based explanation of a given topic meant to give the reader all the necessary information on a particular subject to solve a specific problem or make an informed decision. Using facts combined with detailed research, we have authored Whitepapers to inform and educate readers on complex topics associated with our products. Different subjects like the basics of static electricity, understanding compressed air safety, and advantages of Cabinet Cooler® Systems give readers an elaborate look at some of the principles and common industry problems that lead to the creation of quality specific solutions.

Whitepapers are just one of the many tools that CAA encourages customers to take advantage of on the CAA website. In addition to Whitepapers, CAA provides multiple avenues to arm customers with a complete knowledge of our products and how they help. Browse FAQs, air savings calculators, performance data and videos to learn how EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® products can improve processes.