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SupplierID: 19790
ServiceLevelRanking: 0
PremiumDate: 4/22/2010 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 234
Service Level: 19 - Basic Profile
Gateway Container Sales & Hire | Shipping Containers & Storage Containers
GATEWAY CONTAINER PARK PTY LTD Operating since 1990 and is 100% Queensland owned and operated. Strategically located in the busy Port of Brisbane suburb of Hemmant, having direct access to major highways and adjacent to the Port and Rail terminal. Gateway Container Park provides a full, extensive and exclusive service to a narrow band of shipping companies - for which it ...
SupplierID: 31113
ServiceLevelRanking: 0
PremiumDate: 8/27/2012 12:00:00 AM
Rank: 61
Service Level: 19 - Basic Profile
Tradecorp International | Shipping Containers & Water Treatment
Tradecorp International Pty Ltd is a family owned shipping container business that has been operating for nearly 20 years with headquarters located at Grasstree Beach, Mackay, Queensland, Australia. We provide shipping container services to Europe, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, making us one of the largest shipping containers wholesalers/dealers in the world. Our ...
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