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Plastic Cap & Plug - Compare & Buy

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<p>&nbsp;Plastic isn't just made of plastic, it also contains vinyl, nylon, silicone and rubber. Each type of plastic has its own specifications and benefits.&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Consider using <strong>rubber caps and plugs</strong> if you're looking for flexible caps that are extremely tolerant to heat (up to 315 degrees Celsius).</li><li><strong>Silicone caps and plugs</strong> are medium resistant to heat (up to 246 degrees Celsius), but are very flexible and providing a thight seal, so useful as noise inhibitors.</li><li><strong>Vinyl caps and plugs </strong>are the most economical choice if heat resistance is not crucial.&nbsp;</li><li><strong>Nylon caps and plugs</strong> are strong and suitable for a range of base materials.&nbsp;</li><li>Consider <strong>metal caps and plugs </strong>if extra durability and strenght are needed such as harsh environmental conditions.&nbsp;</li></ul>