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KROHNE Australia | Process Measurement
KROHNE is the Level and Flow Company. We offer a complete range of flow and level products. In our modern production plants around the world, we produce measuring instruments of the highest precision, operating reliability and dependability. By developing future-oriented production techniques, we consistently put technological progress into everyday practice. Flow ...

Temperature Gauge & Sensor Buying Guide

Browse analog and digital temperature gauges for operator monitored tanks and in-line processes. Automate control with a wide selection of transducers and SIKA temperature transmitters, also available for hygienic and marine applications. Using infrared sensors you can monitor your product without touch or risk of contamination. Wireless temperature sensors enable portability and rapid deployment. Temperature data loggers can provide sterilisation records or ensure product quality during shipment. Embedded optic fibre technology enables continuous monitoring from within concrete and other permanent structures. 

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