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Hema Liquid Filling Machine & Liquid Filler Suppliers in Sydney

Provided with a programmable operating system, a liquid filling machine can be used to fill different types and quantities of fluids in different types of containers.

These machines are highly flexible in their operation and can be used as a stand alone machine or can be an integrated part of a complete production system. Due to their high flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and cost effective operation, liquid filling machines can be used for filling nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, and cosmetic bottles.

Manufactured using high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel, these machines can resist high external forces, vibrations, and wear & tear during all types of operation, transportation, and installation work. 

Depending on the design and customer requirements a liquid filling machine can be delivered with 4, 8, and up to 12 filling heads and can be programmed to fill as low as 20 ml to up to 25 litres of fluid in a single fill. A standard 40 mm nozzle size is used for most of the machines but any custom nozzle is also available as easily.

Liquid filling machines can be equipped with a variety of sensors to increase efficiency and reliability. A sensor for perfectly locating the bottle, a sensor for measuring the fluid level in the machine hopper, and a sensor to measure or weigh the fluid level in the bottle. 
SupplierID: 7610
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PremiumDate: 12/1/2020 12:00:00 AM
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Barry Wehmiller Australia | Packaging Automation Equipment
Since 1885, Barry-Wehmiller has been a trusted partner to packaging companies around the world and has had a local office in Australia since 1992. Whether you're looking for specific pieces of equipment or the design and implementation of an entire line, we provide tailor-made packaging solutions to you.
Customers: FMCG , Beer & beverage, personal care
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