29 Jan 2021

After many years of engineering excellence the final Broens machinery has been removed and the site cleared of all remaining items.

Monday 3rd July started the process of total dismantling and braking up of three giant presses left in the former engineering factory of Broens Engineering. 

Each of the presses needed to be dismantled and cut up for scrap as two of the machines were unable to be sold at previous auctions. The third hydraulic press was also not sold and a buyer unable to be found.

The main equipment being overhead crane, heavy forklift, scissor lift and franna were supplied by Machinery Transfers as well as support from two of our subcontractor base.

The total project took a total of six weeks to remove with two mechanical presses of 700T capacity and one hydraulic press of 600T capacity.

The removal of these presses left massive holes in the floor where the sub basement parts of the equipment were housed, covering an area of 14 mts long x 8 mts wide x 6 mts deep.

The project was completed within budget and on time.

If you require a dismantling project to happen, please call Machinery Transfers.