Get high performance engines to increase fuel mileage
Get high performance engines to increase fuel mileage

Bitron's Petrol Power Plus is specifically designed to boost octane in petrol in order to increase power, torque, and fuel saving, to make your car and machinery fuel efficient.

How does the fuel saving Bitron's Petrol Power Plus work?

Bitron's Petrol Power Plus is engineered to improve the burn structure of the fuel so that it burns more completely. More energy is extracted from the fuel, and, because most of the fuel is being burned to create energy it contributes significantly to reduce the levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide (NOX) emissions.

With the reduction and the eventual removal of sulphur from all petrol fuels sold in Australia, extra lubrication will be required to prevent damage to the upper engine and fuel systems. Bitron Petrol Fuel Conditioner and Bitron Petrol Power Plus contains a lubricant specifically designed to lubricate all metal parts of the fuel system and upper engine.

The lubricant is designed to withstand the high temperatures as the fuel burns, and to coat any metal surfaces, with which it comes into contact, with a protective layer of lubricant. This in turn protects the cylinder walls, valves, fuel pump and injectors against excessive wear and tear, hence increasing the life of the engine. The product will not interfere with rubber and /or plastic seals.


Bitron Petrol Power Plus is compatible with all petrol engines. The product can be used in any petrol engine where lubrication and performance are critical to the operation of the engine.

Bitron Petrol Power Plus provides protection to the upper engine, fuel pump, injectors and seals protecting them from excessive wear and tear caused by poor lubrication.

Bitron Petrol Power Plus will significantly give high performance and increase the fuel economy of any engine treated.

Bitron Petrol Power Plus is also a must for petrol holding and storage tanks where moisture and fungus are a problem. Use Bitron Petrol Power Plus to get high performance engines.


  1. Add 3-4ml of fuel saving Bitron Petrol Power Plus per litre of fuel to get good fuel mileage.
  2. For best results, add the product before filling the tank.
  3. We recommend that the fuel filter elements be replaced at the end of 4 tanks of initial treatment, using either product.

Both Bitron fuel saving treatments will remove build-ups of carbon, gum and other sludge and ultimately give fuel efficient engines.