Bi-Tron Testimony - Bitron P900 Petrol Fuel Conditioner - Ray Finger, QLD

Previously I had tried other products so I decided to try Bitron P900 Petrol Fuel Conditioner in my petrol wagon and Diesel D110 Fuel Treatment in my Toyota tray back.

I was very happy with the results as both were relatively new vehicles and had lacked power and had high fuel consumption. After using the products for approximately 300kms, both vehicles had more power and better fuel economy.

I also own two D9H Caterpillar dozers. I added Bitron D110 Diesel Fuel Treatment to them and after 90 hours of work I am saving 15 litres per hour, per machine. Starting the dozers has been noticeably easier, a significant reduction in black smoke emission and an increase in power has resulted. Within 60 hours of adding Bitron EP40 Metal Treatment to the power transmission, final drives and hydraulics, the transmissions are running cooler and quieter. I am very happy with the entire range of Bitron products and recommend them to everyone.

- Ray Finger, QLD

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